Online Fund Transfer

Simple, Secure and Convenient Transfers

Sending and receiving fund is now possible directly from/to the bank accounts, without need to move your fund to any of the intermediary accounts. connectIPS, as a single payments platform, allows for such one-off fund transfer payments. The transaction is processed with few steps by the sender, whereas, the beneficiary typically receives the funds almost immediately.

You can transfer fund to your own bank account or someone else’s account based on the provided bank account details. If the beneficiary does not wish to share his/her bank account details, you can use his/her mobile number for fund transfer, if he/she is also enrolled in the connectIPS. If you need to do a regular fund transfers, then just add the beneficiary details under the favorite list that you can easily use for future payments.

The service is available 24/7 with transaction limit of up to NRs 1,000,000 and up to NRs 50,000 for web and mobile app channels respectively. However, you may have to check your bank to find the transaction limit that may vary due to their internal policies.

For creating user and linking bank account, click here.